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Happy Color Bars

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All Members , Moderated
Hi. My name is Lisa. I'am also your moderator.

I make color bars. Any kind of color bars you'd like specifically

Just make a request in a lj-cut by the way I like it and I'll try and make it to the best of your liking.

Before you make a request please read the fill out request form and read the rules.

If you scroll down you'll see how to make a request.

How to make a request:

1. Make the request in a lj-cut cut.

2. Fill out this:

Fill Out Request Form:

What kind of color bar would you like me to make for you?

What pictures would you like me to use?

What colors would you like me to use?

How many pictures would you like me to use in the color bar?

Do you have any other last specifications for your color bar? Remember, if you don't tell me what you want, it may come out as something you don't like. So be specific!


1. Please don't argue with the mod. It's rude and impolite and depending on the circumstances you may be blocked.

2. Please try not to argue with anybody else that is in the community. You may be blocked

3. Please make sure you do the Fill Out Request Form when making a request for a color bar and use a live journal cut also.

4. Be patient when making a request if I don't immediately give you the color bar that you want. I have a life too and sometimes it's difficult to get back to everybody. But I'll try my hardest to make the color bar that you want as quickly as possible.

5.If you are new here, please be sure to introduce yourself. It doesn't have to be in a live journal cut as long as it's short.

6.Credit please. It's not that hard and doesn't take that long to do. You can do it in a comment or in your profile or wherever you decide to put the color bars into. Just make sure my community name is in it.

7.If you want, you can add me on my live journal account: http://daveyafivixen.livejournal.com/
I also have a myspace account too: http://www.myspace.com/14717660

8. Please be nice to everybody and no drama and I'll be nice too ♥

If you are looking for all of the color bars that I have made and don't feel like going into the past, I have memories inside this journal for you to take a peek at.

Those are the main rules. This is also a request community too. Thanks for reading everything.